Taking Control of Your Post-Divorce Finances


If you let your husband handle the finances while you were married, your Pasadena divorce may have left you feeling completely unprepared for handling your own money matters. But knowing how to manage your money is an essential part of building a successful post-divorce life.

Set a schedule for when you'll handle financial matters such as paying bills and filing receipts for tax purposes. Many people do these tasks at the beginning or end of every month, but a different timetable might work better if you have a sporadic income or an unusual pay cycle for your job. Software programs and online tools can make managing your money easier, but it's OK to use a simple pen and paper system if you feel more comfortable that way.

Debit cards and credit cards are convenient, but they make it very easy to lose track of what you're spending. Make it a goal to pay for everything in cash for a week or two to get a better sense of how much money you spend on discretionary daily expenses. If you can't give up the plastic, at least keep a running list of purchases so you have a starting point for deciding what cuts need to be made.

There are many excellent self-help books and websites covering personal finance topics, but seeing a financial planner can be a wonderful way to get your finances in order after a divorce in Pasadena. A financial planner will be able to provide advice that is tailored to your unique concerns. A financial planner provides an objective voice of reason regarding issues such as setting a workable budget, repaying debt, saving for your child's college education, and planning for retirement. He or she is there to show you how to take control of your money, not to criticize you for whatever mistakes you've made in the past.