Can Your Divorce Lawyer "Fire" You as a Client?


Having a good relationship with your divorce lawyer is crucial to the success of your case. Most people seeking a divorce in Pasadena realize that they can change lawyers in the middle of a case if they are unhappy, but they fail to pay attention to the fact that a lawyer can also "fire" his or her client.

A divorce attorney can petition the court to ask to be removed from the case if he or she does not wish to continue. You can then ask to be granted 30 days to find yourself a new attorney to provide your legal representation.

Sometimes, your lawyer may quit because of health issues or personal problems that prevent him or her from providing the quality representation you deserve. In this case, your lawyer would probably refer you to another attorney in the same firm or someone that he or she knows has the skills to handle your case.

A lawyer may quit your case if you are not paying your bills on time. This is generally addressed in the retainer agreement you signed when you first hired your lawyer. Lawyers, just like any other professional, expect to be paid for their services.

The most common reason a lawyer will ask to leave your case is if you are not listening to sound legal advice. Refusing to consider a reasonable settlement, failing to provide the information your lawyer needs, or otherwise making your divorce harder than it needs to be can leave you without an attorney if you're not careful. This recently happened to basketball player Kris Humphries, who is in the middle of a bitter divorce battle with reality star Kim Kardashian. Attorney Marshall Waller says irreconcilable differences have arisen between him and Humphries. Because of this, he wants permission to leave the case.

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