Will the One Day Divorce Ever Catch On?


If you've been thinking about filing for divorce in Pasadena and wishing you could get the process done as quickly as possible, you may have noticed the recent press coverage of Sacramento Superior Court's One Day Divorce Program. This program grants a divorce in just one day, but it's only in the pilot stages.

Although the idea of getting your divorce finalized as soon as possible probably sounds appealing, the one day divorce isn't the right choice for everyone. The Sacramento program only accepts couples who are in agreement as to the terms of the divorce or people with a spouse who has not responded to the original paperwork. The one day divorce simply doesn't work for couples who can't agree on child custody, child support, alimony, or the division of marital property.

The quality of representation you receive during a one day divorce is another issue to consider. The Sacramento program is staffed by law students who volunteer to provide assistance in order to gain practical experience in divorce law. While they are equipped to handle basic legal needs, they don't have the broad knowledge that an experienced divorce lawyer brings to the table.

The Sacramento Superior Court's One Day Divorce Program provides a needed service for low income couples with the inability to afford legal representation. It also helps reduce court congestion, so there is a possibility we may see more programs of this type spreading across the country in the future. However, it's unrealistic for couples to expect that the one day divorce will ever become the standard. In fact, a growing number of people believe the waiting period to file for divorce should be extended. There is currently a bill in North Carolina proposing that couples be required to wait two years before obtaining a divorce.

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