Federal Child Support Enforcement Tools


If you are the custodial parent of one or more minor children, you may be wondering how child support will be handled after your Pasadena divorce. The federal government has created several sophisticated databases in order to help parents receive the support they need, even when they are receiving support from one or more non-custodial parents who live in a different state.

The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, enacted in 1992, establishes procedures for enforcing child support orders across state lines, including the parameters for jurisdiction. It is also important because it requires employers to honor wage assignments issued by courts from another state.

The Federal Office of Child Support operates a national computerized database called the Federal Parent Locator Service. It is a crucial part of the child support enforcement process. This database has addresses and asset information for all non-custodial parents. It contains information from local, state, and federal agencies and is used to locate parents to establish and/or enforce child support orders.

To keep track of all open child support cases, information is entered into the Federal Case Registry. This database is part of the Federal Parent Locator Service and receives information from each state as well as federal government agencies. Information is then shared with local agencies as needed.

The National Directory of New Hires is also part of the Federal Parent Locator Service. The purpose of this database is to keep track of employment information and quarterly earnings for parents who are currently paying child support. This data is used to make sure parents are meeting their support obligations.

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