What Is Split Custody?


After a Pasadena divorce, a couple may decide that split custody is the best way for the family to move forward. Split custody arrangements are those in which a couple has multiple children and the children each live with a different parent. For example, you may retain custody of your daughter and your ex-spouse may retain custody of your son.

Typically, judges prefer to keep siblings together after a divorce. However, a split custody arrangement sometimes makes more sense than assuming the best interests of the children require them to all live together. For example, a child who excels in sports, music, or drama may want to live with the parent who resides in the school district that is best equipped to offer advanced opportunities in this area. A similar situation could occur if the child has special needs and is best served by living with a parent who is close to therapists and other healthcare professionals.

Other reasons for split custody include:

  • The siblings do not get along with each other and split custody would reduce the tension in the family.
  • The child is old enough to make an informed decision and has expressed the desire to live separately from his or her sibling.
  • The parents have decided that their financial situation makes it impractical for one parent to maintain physical custody of all of the children.

If you are interested in a split custody arrangement, discuss this issue with your lawyer as soon as possible. Split custody will have an impact on other aspects of your divorce, including the amount of child support you are eligible to receive.

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