Divorce Does Not Equal Failure


Often, people who are contemplating filing for divorce in Pasadena stay married longer than they'd like because they are afraid to admit that they've "failed" at achieving the level of marital bliss they were raised to expect. In our society, marriage is seen as a marker of adulthood. We try to fix up our single friends, even when they seem content to be alone. We look towards married couples celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary as the ultimate heroes, regardless of whether or not they are happy.

With nearly fifty percent of all marriages ending in divorce, it's time for everyone to rethink this view. If you and your spouse have truly made an effort to make your relationship work and yet you are still miserable, you both deserve to find someone who will make you happy. Getting a divorce doesn't mean that you're a failure who will never manage to make a relationship work. It just means that you and your current partner aren't right for each other. Instead of beating yourself up for wanting to leave, give yourself permission to view divorce as the first step towards building a life that will make you truly happy.

Your divorce does not have to be a long and drawn out courtroom battle. Using the services of a mediator and a mediation-friendly attorney is an excellent way to end your marriage while still remaining on good terms with your ex. If you have children together, divorce mediation is also a wonderful way to set up the terms of a co-parenting agreement that will make the transition easier for your children to manage.

How Can We Help?

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