Ending Your Marriage with a Summary Dissolution


If you are in a hurry to end your marriage and get on with your life, you may be wondering if Pasadena divorce laws will allow you to qualify for a summary dissolution. While it's true that a summary dissolution involves less paperwork and eliminates the need for you to appear in court, this divorce option is not available for everyone.

To qualify for a summary dissolution, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have been married for five years or less and have no minor children together.
  • Either your spouse or you must have lived in California for the past 6 months and in the county where you want to file for a summary dissolution for the past 3 months.
  • Neither one of you is seeking spousal support.
  • You do not own a home or other real estate together.
  • Your community property is valued at less than $38,000. (This does not include the value of any automobiles you and your spouse may own together.)
  • Each of you has separate property valued at less that $38,000. (This does not include the value of any automobiles you or your spouse may own.)
  • Your combined marital debt does not total more than $6,000. (This does not include any auto loans that you may have together.)

In addition to meeting all of the criteria listed above, you and your ex must agree as to how your assets and debts should be divided.

If you are a part of a same sex couple that was married in California, you do not have to meet the residency requirement to end your marriage via summary dissolution. You must file in whatever California county you were married in, however.

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