Obtaining Financial Information from Your Ex


Getting accurate information about property and finances is an important part of the Pasadena divorce process for several reasons. If you have children together, this will determine the amount of support the non-custodial parent is supposed to pay. The information also helps determine if one spouse is eligible for spousal support.

Even if you earned less that your spouse or did not work outside the home, do not feel guilty about asking for this information during your divorce. California is a community property state. Income and assets obtained during your marriage legally belong to both spouses.

After you or your your spouse file for divorce, you will both need to complete disclosure declarations that detail your income, assets, expenses, and debts. You can also take depositions or submit an inspection demand to obtain more information about marital finances.

If you want to obtain information from your spouse's employer or bank, you will need to have a subpoena that requires them to appear with the requested documents at court or at an attorney's office.

It is a common misconception that information regarding your spouse's property and finances is always straightforward. Divorce unfortunately tends to bring out the worst in people. Even those who have been honest in the past may try to hide assets during the divorce process. For example, your spouse might repay a fictitious debt to a close friend or family member with the understanding that the money will be given back to him or her when the divorce is final. Or if your spouse owns a business, assets may be hidden by making big equipment purchases ahead of schedule.

If you think your spouse might be trying to hide assets, you will need to discuss this issue with your attorney. He or she might recommend hiring a forensic accountant to examine your spouse's financial records more closely.

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