Understanding Supervised Visitation Requirements


If a couple has children together, custody and visitation are two of the most important issues to be decided during a Pasadena divorce.

Supervised visitation for noncustodial parents is ordered if there are concerns about the safety and protection of the child. Supervised visitation may occur when:

  • The parent suffers from a mental illness
  • There is a past history of violence or substance abuse affecting parenting skills
  • The parent and child currently have no relationship between them
  • The parent was absent from the child's life for a long time and needs to be reintroduced in order to develop a healthy relationship
  • The possibility of parental abduction is a concern

Depending upon the reason supervised visitation is needed, the provider may be a friend, family member, or paid professional. If the provider is a friend or family member, he or she must meet certain criteria, such as being at least twenty one years of age, not being financially dependent upon the person being supervised, and not have been on probation or parole in the last fifteen years. Providers must also agree to undergo training before supervising the visitation.

If you wish to use a professional supervised visitation provider, your lawyer or Family Court Services' office should provide a list of providers in your area. When you find a provider you would like to work with, you should ask for his or her name and driver's license number. Call TrustLine at 1-800-822-8490 to verify that the provider has no child abuse or criminal convictions that disqualify him or her from providing services in the state of California.

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