No-Fault Divorce in California


Pasadena divorce lawyers believe that no-fault divorce laws have generally been beneficial to society. They benefit victims of domestic violence by making it easier for them to escape an abusive marriage. Instead of having to prove that they are being mistreated, victims of domestic violence can now obtain a divorce without having to reveal intimate relationship details to the court. Keeping personal details out of the courtroom has also made it easier for couples with young children to work together to develop a positive post-divorce co-parenting relationship.

California was actually a leader in popularizing no-fault divorce in the United States, thanks to the passage of the California Family Law Act of 1969. This Act also made it easier for a divorce to happen if only one spouse wanted out of the marriage.

No-fault divorce is most commonly referred to under the umbrella term irreconcilable differences. When you file for divorce in California, there is a box on the dissolution petition that says irreconcilable differences. You can check this box to get a no-fault divorce. This means that you will both be treated as equals in the settlement, regardless of who wanted the divorce or who caused the divorce through infidelity or other misbehavior.

The other grounds for divorce in California is incurable insanity. This is almost never used because it requires proof that your spouse was insane when the petition was filed and can not be cured of the condition.

Different religions sometimes have specific grounds for divorce, but this is not part of the legal process of ending your marriage. For example, the Catholic Church will grant an annulment on the basis of fraud, bigamy, incest, inability to consummate the union, coercion, dereliction of duties, or the fact that the wedding was performed improperly. However, the annulment through the church is handled by the couple's priest and entirely separate from the legal divorce process.

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