Avoid the Pitfalls of a Long Term Separation


At first glance, a long term separation might seem like a better idea than a Pasadena divorce. However, there are plenty of pitfalls associated with this living arrangement.

Short separations can serve a legitimate purpose if they give a couple time to clear their heads and work out their differences. But living apart for several years while still remaining legally married is risky. For example:

  • A long term separation provides your spouse with the perfect opportunity to hide marital assets, especially if you're not carefully monitoring your household finances.
  • Your spouse could take on excessive credit card debt, make bad investment decisions, or blow thousands of dollars on gifts for a new romantic partner. All of these actions would decrease the amount of money you'd be entitled to in a divorce. In some cases, you'd even be on the hook to help repay debts you had no part in accumulating.
  • If your spouse moves out of state or even out of the country during the time you're separated, your eventual divorce will become much more complicated. The laws of the new state in which he or she has established residency may not be as favorable to you, which could easily result in a much smaller settlement.
  • Communication between you and your spouse may break down over time, leading to a refusal to cooperate with the informal terms of your separation. If nothing has been legally settled, you have no recourse if your spouse suddenly decides to sell assets you wanted to keep or refuses to provide the spousal support payments you had previously agreed upon.

Aside from the legal pitfalls mentioned above, it's also worth considering your mental health. Divorce can be emotionally stressful, but it also provides a clean break and new beginning. Ending your marriage gives you a chance to find out what truly makes you happy.

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