How Will the Government Shutdown Affect My Divorce?


If you are in the process of filing for a Pasadena divorce, you may be wondering how the federal government shutdown will affect the process of ending your marriage. The answer to this question varies depending upon your personal circumstances, but there are a few potential delays to be aware of.

The IRS is operating on a limited basis. They are still accepting tax payments, but you'll be out of luck if you need their help trying to locate copies of old tax returns. The IRS helpline, which processes these types of requests, has been deemed nonessential during the shutdown.

The Federal Child Support Enforcement Program, a program designed to help locate out-of-state parents and/or pursue parents who are behind on child support, has been affected by the government shutdown. They are unable to help with new child support requests, but people who already have a child support order in place should still be getting their payments as scheduled.

Federal loans for buying new homes are temporarily on hold, so you or your ex might have trouble obtaining a mortgage for a place to live post-divorce. SBA business loans are also on hold, which could affect some divorcing couples who need a business loan to get a family business back on track after the divorce.

Federal government employees who have been placed on furlough will face challenges establishing orders for child support and/or alimony since their incomes are questionable at the moment. If orders are already in place and workers are having trouble making their payments with a reduced income, they can file for a modification based on a change in circumstances.

How Can We Help?

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