Homeschooling After a Divorce


Homeschooling parents can face special challenges after a Pasadena divorce. Homeschooling isn't a problem in a two-parent home where both parents believe it's the best choice for the children. When the parents divorce, however, conflicts can occur if one parent believes it's best for the children to go back to public school. In cases where both parents aren't supportive of homeschooling, the judge will look at what is best for the children. A judge won't order a homeschooling mother to place her kids in public school simply so she can go back to full-time work and lower the father's child support payments. However, if the kids are performing below grade level, a judge could decide that public school might be a better option. Another possible option might be that the children are homeschooled for part of the day and take classes in some subjects, such as advanced math and science classes, at the local public school. If you are a homeschooling parent and your spouse does not want homeschooling to continue after your divorce, the best thing you can do for yourself is to keep detailed records of your lesson plans for your child. The more documentation you can provide regarding what your child is learning, the more likely it will be that you'll receive a favorable outcome. You should also prepare testimony regarding your child's extracurricular activities. The argument that children need to be in public school to learn how to socialize with their peers is the most common argument against homeschooling. Showing that your children can socialize with others through church, community sports, dance lessons, and/or a homeschool co-op group will be helpful. Not all attorneys are properly informed of the laws regarding homeschooling. It is a good idea to interview several attorneys before choosing someone to handle your case. You don't want an attorney who is biased against homeschooling or one who doesn't have a solid grasp of the rights of homeschooling families. How Can We Help? Please call our office at (626) 683-8113 or email us at if you have questions about how the law will affect your decision to continue homeschooling after your divorce. Our Pasadena family law firm can help make sure that your interests are protected in the courtroom.