Reasons to Think Twice About an Online Divorce


Modern technology has streamlined many aspects of our lives, but a Pasadena divorce is one of those things that should still be left to professionals. Online DIY divorces may seem like a good idea if you’re strapped for cash, but there are many reasons why it’s best to hire a lawyer.

First, you must consider that a computer can only operate with the information that you give it. If you and your spouse don't fully understand your assets and liabilities, you'll create a settlement that leaves out important details. It’s also much easier to hide assets with an online divorce, since the court freezes marital assets once you have a lawyer file the necessary papers.

If you have kids, you must consider that no two families are alike. Online DIY divorce services use a limited number of predetermined templates for issues like child support, child custody, and visitation. They do not take into account any special needs your family has, such as high medical expenses for a child with a serious health problem or the fact that you feel strongly about your child continuing to attend a private school after the divorce is finalized.

Finally, you need to realize that divorce law is quite complex. A DIY divorce is similar to trying to learn French two weeks before you leave for a trip to France. You might be able to pick up a few basic phrases, but you're not going to have the fluency or comprehension of a native speaker. A DIY divorce website can scratch the surface of what needs to be covered, but working with an experienced attorney ensures that you receive a settlement that takes into account both your present and future needs.

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