Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey Show Importance of Co-Parenting During the Holidays


Celebrities are often poor choices for role models, but couples going through a divorce could learn a few things from actor Nick Cannon and singer Mariah Carey. The couple was married in 2008 and welcomed fraternal twins, Monroe and Morrocan, in 2011. Their separation was confirmed in August 2014, yet they are making an effort to spend the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays together for the benefit of their children.

At three, Monroe and Morrocan are still forming attachments to both parents. It's key that any divorce involving children this young protects them from exposure to parental conflict. When children feel like they are part of a happy family, they are protected from many of the negative effects of divorce and much less likely to suffer from depression and anxiety as they get older. Children are accepting of changes in family structures as long as they feel securely attached to both parents.

Since the holidays are seen as a time for family togetherness, it's well worth the effort for parents to allow children to have a celebration that includes everyone. Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey's separation has not been trouble free. It has been reported that they only speak to each other about issues relating to the children and are having significant disagreements about their finances; however, this is not a problem if they are willing and able to set aside their differences for the good of Monroe and Morrocan.

Parents must remember that they are divorcing each other, not their children. Your responsibility to care for your child's physical and emotional development does not end when your divorce papers are approved by the judge. Even when it's simply not possible to spend the holidays together, divorced parents should make an effort to allow their children to have as much contact as possible with the absent parent during the holiday season. A short phone call or Skype session with Mom or Dad can do wonders to foster positive relationships during this time.

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