Tips for Shared Parenting Success


Growing numbers of parents are opting for a shared parenting approach to custody after their divorce in Pasadena. Shared parenting refers to any custody arrangement where both parents are responsible for the children fifty percent of the time.

Both you and your ex must recognize that shared parenting is going to take some getting used to. In the beginning, you can expect it to feel like a bit of an inconvenience as you're trying to figure out a schedule that meets everyone's needs. But once you work out the kinks, you can rest easy knowing that your children still enjoy a secure relationship with each parent. You'll also have some built in "me time" while your children are in the care of their other parent, which can provide a chance to explore hobbies, exercise, or socialize so that you're relaxed and refreshed when your kids return to you.

Living in two different homes can take some time for kids to get used. Buying duplicates of regularly used items helps minimize the amount of stuff kids need to transport back and forth, thus reducing the feeling that they're constantly living out of a suitcase. Items with a special significance to your child should be moved back and forth, regardless of who paid for them. It's better to have a happy child than to make sure that everything you paid for stays at your house.

Communication is essential for any successful shared parenting relationship. Weekly phone calls or visits with your ex to discuss any issues relating to the children can help make sure that you're both aware of any problems. If your children are school age, make sure the school knows to send copies of important notices to both of you.

If there is ongoing tension between you and your ex, consider enlisting the services of a mediator or parent educator who can help you learn how to set aside your differences so you can work together for the benefit of your children. Advice from a neutral third party can help you see things from a fresh perspective, especially if you're experiencing tension caused by the introduction of new romantic partners and/or stepchildren into your family structure.

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