Divorce Tips for Dads


A Pasadena divorce can bring major changes for divorced fathers, but adjusting to life as a single parent will be easier if you keep in mind a few simple tips.

Child support is partially dependent on how much time you spend with your children, but you should think twice before trying to use your kids as leverage for reducing your support payment. Custody battles can be costly and often create unnecessary tension between parents. If you win and you end up pawning your child off on family members or babysitters when it's your visitation time, you could find yourself right back in court. If you're petitioning to increase your visitation time or fighting for joint custody, make sure you're doing so out of a genuine desire to be an active part of your child's life.

When you're making plans for your post-divorce life, be careful not to overextend yourself financially. Two households are always more expensive to maintain than one. Child support and alimony payments can take a big chunk out of your budget. You may also have other expenses that you didn't have before, such as travel costs for visitation. A visit with a financial planner can help you make sure that your budget is workable for your current situation.

If something happens and you can't pay your child support, don't wait to take action. Unpaid child support debt can't be erased in bankruptcy and there is no statute of limitations on the debt, so it's next to impossible to get rid of. However, you can petition the court to reduce your payments because of illness, unemployment, or underemployment. A reduction can't be made retroactively, so it's vital that you speak to a child support attorney as soon as possible to get all of the necessary paperwork in order.

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