Adoption and Divorce


If you're an adoptive parent filing for divorce in Pasadena, keep in mind that an adoptive parent has all of the same rights and responsibilities as a natural birth parent. This includes the right to visitation and the responsibility to pay child support. The main difference in a divorce that involves an adopted child is the need for extra sensitivity in regards to helping the child adjust to the divorce.

Children who are adopted, even if they were adopted at a very young age, often feel a sense of loss regarding the relationship with their birth parents. The divorce of their adoptive parents adds to this trauma, so it's important to make sure that you and your ex are doing everything possible to minimize the impact of your divorce on your adopted child. Reassure your child that he is not to blame for the divorce. Never badmouth your ex in front of your child.

If you have an open adoption where your child is still in contact with his birth family, do not put the birth parents in the middle of your divorce. It's not their job to take sides in your marital disputes. To avoid creating unnecessary tension, it may be best for one parent to take the primary role in managing the child's relationship with his birth family.

Family counseling can be helpful for many families going through divorce, but counseling is particularly beneficial for adopted children. A trained counselor can help you and your ex develop a workable co-parenting plan and help reassure your child that he is still part of a family even though you and your ex are no longer together.

When you're ready to start dating, be cautious about introducing your child to your new romantic partner. An adopted child who is already struggling with feelings of abandonment and loss may not react well if your new relationship does not work out.

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