Helping Teens Cope with Divorce


Parents who are divorcing in Pasadena are understandably concerned about how their split will affect their children. Most assume that teens will be better equipped to handle a divorce than younger children, but this is simply not true. Just like younger children, teens have their own feelings of hurt, anger and loss to deal with after a divorce. However, there are some things you can do to make the healing process easier.

When you have a teenager, it's tempting to vent to him or her when you're stressed, use him or her as a go-between to communicate with your ex, or to assign adult responsibilities because you're in need of help caring for his or her younger siblings. Remember that your teen is not a substitute for your former spouse. No matter how mature your teen may seem, he or she is still a child who is dealing with all the normal pains of adolescence as well as the aftermath of your divorce.

When making decisions regarding custody and visitation, remember that what works for younger children often isn't practical for teenagers. Teens who have an active social live, participate in after school sports, or have a part-time job have their own scheduling needs that deserve consideration. Both you and your ex will need to work together to come up with an arrangement that meets everyone's needs.

Be cautious if it seems like your teen is keeping his or her feelings about the divorce bottled up. Teens who have trouble processing their emotions often deny anything is wrong, then end up engaging in risky behaviors like cutting class, having unprotected sex, or experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Encourage your teen to talk about his or her feelings as much as possible. If your teen feels like you're listening, acting out won't be as appealing.

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