Facebook Becomes a Tool in Child Support Collection


Pasadena divorce lawyers frequently warn clients that social media -- especially Facebook posts, even those that are only intended for close friends and family -- can be used as evidence in a variety of court proceedings. Before the divorce, posts about your wild weekend parties can be used as evidence against your bid for custody of your children. After the divorce, bragging about how much money you’re making while you’re not paying your child support could lead to felony charges.

There was a recent case in Milwaukee in which John Rau ended up facing felony charges for failing to pay child support for his three-year-old son. Rau had paid just $189 over the past years -- which works out to a support sum of less than 14 cents per day. To further complicate the situation, the child suffers from leukemia and thus has medical expenses that are far above average. Investigators found that Rau had repeatedly bragged on Facebook about how much money he had been making, including statements about buying tickets to a Packers game.

In addition to using Facebook posts as evidence, some areas are using the power of social media to locate missing parents who haven’t been paying their child support. For example, Buncombe County deputies in Asheville, North Carolina have started a Facebook page showcasing wanted posters with photos, names, birthdates, heights, and weights for their most egregious child support offenders. They've picked up thirty eight individuals since the page was created on June 30 and have collected $87,000 in past-due child support. Parents featured on the page have their photos removed only after they’ve repaid their debt.

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