Liberty Ross and Rupert Sanders Finalize Their Divorce


Thanks to the advent of no-fault divorce laws, it’s irrelevant whether or not one spouse has been unfaithful when negotiating a Pasadena divorce settlement unless the couple has a prenup that specifically outlines a monetary penalty for an affair. However, California's divorce laws do take into account the future earning capacity of each spouse, as well as any sacrifices one spouse has made for the good of the family.

In celebrity divorce news, Liberty Ross was recently awarded a hefty settlement in her divorce from cheating ex-husband Rupert Sanders. Ross received the family home in Los Angeles, as well as two other houses in London, 15% of Sanders' movie profits, half his bank accounts, and half his retirement income. She’ll also be receiving $25,000 monthly in spousal support for the next four years, as well as $14,000 a month in child support until the children turn eighteen. The couple will share custody of nine-year-old Skyla and seven-year-old Tennyson.

Ross and Sanders were married in 2002. Shortly after the wedding, they moved from Britain to Los Angeles to further Sanders’ directing career. News of Sanders’ infidelity became public in July 2012. He was caught on camera kissing actress Kristen Stewart, who played Snow White in his film Snow White & The Huntsman. Sanders and Stewart both issued public apologies for the affair soon after, but Ross filed for divorce in January 2013.

Ross worked as a professional model throughout her childhood, but had essentially given up her career after the couple moved to Los Angeles. In the years following her marriage, Ross had only a handful of brief film roles. The hefty spousal support payment she receives will help her get back on her feet post divorce. Despite sharing custody, Sanders is paying child support to help ensure that the children will enjoy a similar standard of living in both homes.

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