Gathering Financial Information for Your Divorce


Your Pasadena divorce lawyer needs to have a full picture of your finances in order to help you negotiate a fair settlement. When you file for divorce, your attorney will ask to see bank account statements, credit card statements, retirement account statements, mortgage documents, auto loan documents, income tax returns, and pay stubs or records from any business that you might own. If you’re a joint account holder, you can request copies of documents by contacting the bank, credit company, or lender directly. Your accountant should be able to provide you with copies of tax returns from previous years.

There are also several legal procedures that can be used to obtain financial information in preparation for a divorce. These methods can help “fill in the gaps” if your spouse handled most of the family finances during your marriage.

Disclosure Declaration

After you file for divorce, you will need to complete a Disclosure Declaration. This document asks for information about your income, expenses, assets, and debt. Both spouses must complete a Disclosure Declaration to provide to the other party and his or her attorney. The court will require proof that the Disclosure Declaration was served to your spouse.

Inspection Demand

If you need more information than what is provided in your spouse’s Disclosure Declaration, your attorney can take a deposition, which involves interviewing your spouse or other relevant witnesses under oath, or you can send a list of written questions, called interrogatories, to your spouse and his or her attorney. You can also submit an Inspection Demand, which legally requires your spouse to provide certain documents needed for your case.

If you need information from other people, such as your spouse’s employer or business partner, your attorney can subpoena them to appear with the necessary documents in court or at your attorney's office.

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