Should You Turn Down Alimony?


There is no law saying you must accept alimony after your divorce. In fact, Forbes recently published an article profiling three women who turned down alimony. The first woman said she felt like alimony was equivalent to accepting payment for a job she no longer did. The second woman had no children with her ex and refused alimony as a way to get a "clean break". The third woman said refusing alimony was a measure of pride and a chance for her to prove she could be successful without the help of her ex-husband.

Although none of the women profiled in the Forbes article regretted their decision to turn down alimony, this is a decision that should be considered carefully. Alimony payments can play a vital role in helping you get back on your feet financially after a divorce. If you're a stay-at-home parent who has not been employed outside the home for several years, it may take you longer than expected to find a job. If you're currently only working part-time, you might need to go back to school in order to develop the skills you need to seek full-time employment.

Do not turn down alimony unless you are absolutely positive you will be able to meet your post-divorce expenses. It may be helpful to sit down with a financial planner and create a detailed budget outlining costs for housing, utilities, transportation, food, daycare, and other expenses in order to get an accurate picture of the income necessary for you to maintain your lifestyle. Moving on from a divorce is never easy, but the task will be significantly less stressful if you aren't worried about how to pay your bills each month.

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