Surviving the Holidays Post-Divorce


Setting holiday schedules can be challenging after a Pasadena divorce. Most parents work out a general custody schedule as part of their divorce agreement, but changes often need to be made from year to year.

To make things easier for both you and your children, it's important to make your holiday plans as soon as possible. Make an appointment to meet privately with your ex to discuss your holiday schedule. Modifications may need to be made due to visiting relatives, school schedules, work schedules, or events at your house of worship.

As you're developing a schedule, keep in mind that holiday plans should be made with your children's best interests in mind. Even if you're still feeling angry towards your ex, you need to be willing to make compromises to allow your children to enjoy special holiday memories with their extended family.

In many families, holiday traditions like baking cookies for the neighbors or visiting Santa at the mall are a special part of the celebration. Work with your ex to try to keep as many of these traditions intact as possible after your divorce, but remember that it's OK to develop new traditions too. If you've moved to a home where a live Christmas tree is no longer practical, perhaps you can work together to create handmade ornaments for your artificial tree instead.

If you and your ex live a significant distance from each other, plan to spend a bit of time discussing how you'll handle the additional travel expenses associated with holiday celebrations. If you each know what the other is willing to contribute, there will be no unpleasant surprises later.

Children will likely miss their absent parent during the holidays, regardless of who they end up staying with. However, phone calls and Skype chats can make this separation a bit easier for them.

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