5 Tips to Make Joint Custody Work During the Holidays

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5 Tips to Make Joint Custody Work During the Holidays

Spending time apart from your child is never easy, but it stings even more during the holiday season. Fortunately, you can make the holiday season work by following these tips. If your parenting agreement does not include these options, our Pasadena family law team can help you modify your agreement.

1. Alternate Holidays

Alternating each holiday is popular with parents who share custody. If you do this, you will get your child for Christmas one year, and your ex will get your child the following Christmas. This occurs for each holiday.

2. Assign Holidays

Are there certain holidays that are more important to you than your ex? Use the parenting agreement to assign holidays based on importance.

3. Split Holidays

Split holidays are also an option. If you live close to your ex, you can split the day in half, with the child spending part of the day with you and the rest with your ex.

4. Celebrate Twice

If modifying the parenting plan is not an option, consider celebrating holidays twice. Your child can celebrate Christmas with your ex, and then come to your house and celebrate again.

5. Be Flexible While Knowing Your Rights

Letting your ex disregard the custody agreement altogether is not an option. However, it's wise to be flexible during the holiday season. Emotions tend to run high, and if you get into a huge fight with your ex, your child will remember during subsequent holidays.

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