How to Tell Your Child About Your Divorce

Father talking to an upset daughter

One of the most challenging parts of getting divorced is seeing how it affects your children. The key to reducing your children’s stress and confusion is communication. The way you talk to your children about your divorce will reflect the way they react to the situation. To help you through this difficult moment, the legal team at Schweitzer Law Partners has put together tips on how to tell your children about your divorce.

Wait for the Right Time

There’s never a “perfect” time to tell your children that you and your spouse are getting divorced, but you should wait for a good opportunity to talk to them. If possible, both parents should talk to talk to all the children at once to tell them about the divorce. Telling your children together will avoid confusion.

Avoid Putting Blame

It’s best to send a message to your children that doesn’t involve blame. Instead, both parents should make it clear that the divorce is mutual and that the children didn’t cause the divorce. You should also avoid arguing in front of your children and keep issues, such as financial issues or affairs to yourself.

Spare the Details

Although many parents want to shed light on the other parent’s wrongdoing, those details can hurt and confuse your children. You should also try to keep other details out of sight. For example, you shouldn’t keep divorce papers or documents in plain sight.

Give Them Reassurance

It’s important to give your children reassurance that your divorce will not change the love you feel for them. Give them peace of mind that both parents will continue to spend time with them and that you will be there for them to cope with the change. Your reassurance and routine check-ins will help your children feel more secure.


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