What Happens If You Don’t Pay Spousal Support?

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Spouses required to pay alimony are expected to deliver payments every month. Unfortunately, many people have been affected financially due to the coronavirus outbreak. If you’ve been affected financially during this time, you might not have enough to pay your spousal support. However, failing to pay for spousal support can lead to serious consequences. Our Pasadena spousal support advocates explain what happens if you don’t pay spousal support.

Consequences of Not Making Alimony Payments

If you stop making spousal support payments, regardless of the reason, you could face civil and even criminal charges. You can be charged for violating your court orders during your divorce proceeding. If your former spouse takes you to court in a contempt proceeding, you will need to pay your dues. In some cases, a judge can even order jail time for violating court orders.

Spousal Support Modifications

If you’re facing financial issues and you can’t make your spousal support payments, it’s best to request a spousal support modification, instead of not making payments. California courts allow you to request spousal support modifications if you can demonstrate that there has been a “change in circumstances.” This means that something significant has changed since the spousal support order was made. If you have lost your job, or your business is suffering, you can request to modify your payment amounts so that you can manage payments.

Experience Pasadena Spousal Support Representation

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