Vacationing with the kids this year in light of COVID-19 is going to be interesting. While vacations usually allow families to spend quality time together, by now, parents and children actually need a break from each other. Families abiding by the Stay-At-Home orders for the past two months have been cooped up within their homes, which begs the question as to whether a vacation will be enjoyable for all parties involved.

The current reality may also mean family vacations will be shorter. Most child custody orders allow parents a couple of weeks during the summer for vacationing with the children. However, many schools will resume earlier than usual this year to allow children to catch up. Consequently, parents will have to shorten their vacations and cooperate with each other to ensure the children have time with both parents.

The location where people will be vacationing this summer is also going to look much different from previous years. In the past, airports were traditionally jam-packed from the end of May through August due to families taking vacations to faraway destinations. This year, due to the restrictions on travel, we are more likely to see mostly “staycations.”

However, parents who are sharing court ordered child custody will receive a break with respect to some of the common headaches they have experienced in the past. For example, parents won’t be arguing about sharing their travel itineraries, turning over passports, or whether or not the intended destination is a safe place for children.

Ultimately, the new summer vacation model has its positives. Not only will your vacation likely be less expensive, but you and your family can also safely enjoy fun get-togethers with small groups of people at your house. You can get out for some lawn sports such as badminton, corn hole, catch, and croquet. You can even take the opportunity to show your children just how exciting outdoor activities like gardening and other home projects, can be.

In conclusion, you may not be going on a dream vacation this year, but the time you spend with your family during the summer may be exactly what you need.