Strategies for Successful Co-Parenting

Dad welcoming his kids

Aside from families facing issues such as domestic violence or substance abuse, research has shown time and time again that having both parents involved in a child’s daily life has a positive outcome on their wellbeing. However, there’s no denying that joint custody arrangements come with their unique set of challenges. Having to make shared decisions and continuous interaction with an ex can lead to contentious disputes, but it’s possible to overcome these obstacles.

Although successfully co-parenting is often easier said than done, these tips may help you face those challenges and develop a civil relationship with your co-parent.

Communicate Effectively

Co-parenting will be new territory for you, and the dynamics will be entirely different than when you were married, making communication difficult. With that in mind, you may want to establish a business-like tone and approach your ex as you would as a business relationship. Speak to them respectfully, be attentive as if your paycheck depends on it, and act cordially.

Don’t Involve Your Children in Conflict

Children shouldn’t be put in the middle of adult problems or involved in adult discussions. When you have an issue with your co-parent, don’t vent to your kids about it. Saying negative things about your ex to your children can influence or hurt their relationship.

Work as a Team

Above all, your children’s best interests and wellbeing should come first. Remembering this can help you and your ex co-parent successfully. Just with any relationship, you are bound to disagree when it comes to certain issues. Instead of letting that turn into conflict, try to reach a compromise by being respectful, communicating directly, and letting go of the small stuff.

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