3 Things Honest Abe Would Tell You About Finding The Right Attorney

abe lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was known to be one of the finest attorneys of his time. Based on my research, I have learned that among the large variety of legal matters Lincoln handled were family law cases. If you could hire Lincoln today, you would probably have retained the ideal attorney for your case. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us, so I suggest finding an attorney who possesses the skills, work ethic, and dedication that made Lincoln one of the finest attorneys of his time.

Knowing the type of attorney Lincoln was, I’m confident he would have given you the following three questions to ask yourself when searching for an attorney.

  1. Can the attorney produce quality work? Abraham Lincoln was a very disciplined man dedicated to his craft. Read some of his writings and speeches, and you will know what I mean. He took meticulous care in his work. Undoubtedly the commitment and attention to detail were learned while crafting pleadings and arguments for his clients. Likewise, your attorney should have the experience and record of producing such work. Your attorney must also have the ability and time to work hard on your matter. If your case has any complex issues to resolve, you want to ensure the attorney has adequate support staff to keep up with the opposing side.

  1. Will the attorney listen to your concerns? Your attorney should understand the primary issue that keeps you up at night and try to help you resolve the issue. Lincoln was known to be a great listener, and he considered what he heard and processed before making any critical decisions. Your attorney should listen to your concerns and focus on the direction of the case with your issues in mind.

  1. Will your attorney remain objective, telling you what you need to know and not what you want to hear? Abraham Lincoln famously said, “You can please all people some of the time, some people all the time, but you cannot please all people all of the time.” He also said, “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.” No doubt Lincoln’s wise words came from representing people who, on occasion, had agendas and strategies that were unsound and contrary to his advice. Remember, your decision to hire and pay an attorney is to help you navigate the legal proceedings and get the best possible outcome. You will hire the attorney because you trust the attorney’s abilities, experience, and knowledge of the law. Look for an attorney who will listen to your ideas but will let you know if they are unsound. After all, what is the point of having an attorney if he or she simply validates every thought you have regardless of the outcome?