Elizabeth Hurley Wants To Call Off Her Divorce


Once upon a time, Elizabeth Hurley was the other woman, scorned by her cheating boyfriend actor Hugh Grant (who was infamously caught cheating with Hollywood hooker Divine Brown). Grant and Hurley called it quits and Hurley moved on - and moved up. Hurly married billionaire textiles tycoon Arun Nayar. The three-year marriage was shown earlier this month to have crumbled when it was announced that Hurley was caught cheating with a handsome Australian cricket star. Now, like many people seeking divorce advice in Pasadena, Hurley reportedly wants to give her marriage a second chance.

European tabloids are reporting that Hurley, who rose to fame as a model and movie star in the 1990s, is begging her estranged husband not to divorce her. Hurley had claimed that her marriage ended months before her affair with Shane Warne became public. Yet sources close to the couple say that the two-month fling with the athlete not only ended Hurley and Nayar but also the marriage of Warne and his wife, Simone. Warne allegedly wants to marry Hurley but she is in a hurry to reconnect with her ex.

"Liz knows she's been a fool and has phoned Arun to say sorry and beg forgiveness. But Arun wants no part of it, and is still going for quickie divorce," a source told The Sun.

Nayar reportedly is angry with Hurley and already has been seen in public with other women, one of which he was caught kissing outside a club in London. Hurley, according to reports, dumped Warne after she found more than 100 sexy text messages sent to another woman on the cricket player's phone.

Meanwhile, Hurley continues to raise her 8-year-old son, Damian Charles Hurley, whose father is American film producer Steven Bing. Professionally, Hurley has not been seen on screen since 2004 but is poised to return in 2011 with a starring role in Mary Lambert's vampire thriller High Midnight.