Divorce Help is Just a Click Away Online


When looking for divorce advice in Pasadena online, the choices can be overwhelming. Like self-diagnosing an illness with the "help" of medical resource websites such as WebMD, it is absolutely necessary to avoid determining the state of your divorce by spiraling into Internet-induced hysteria. But then where do we go, what do we click on and what do we avoid when researching divorce online? We've saved you the time and stress and dug up some of the best online resources to help you with your divorce.

A fantastic place to start is DivorceSupport.com. The comprehensive and no-nonsense site has been online for more than a decade and is widely considered the starting point when facing a divorce. Easy to navigate, the site is divided by state. After you have picked your location, DivorceSupport.com has downloadable legal documents, message boards where users can exchange experiences and offer advice and local listings of all the professional services needed. With an exhaustive number of articles and resources, the site delivers Divorce 101 in a straightforward and supportive manner.

For a more in-depth look at separation and divorce, Divorce360.com is worth a look. In addition to covering the legal necessities, Divorce360 has tons of articles on the emotional challenges that come along with the process. From dating and re-marrying to child well being and financial questions, there is no hot topic left uncovered. The site also offers real life divorce stories written by users and even videos devoted to the common issues that surround divorce.

There are a great many therapists and analysts who write and counsel about divorce online, yet it is hard to find one who's voice is worth listening to. DivorcedtoDazzling.com is one such site, however, which delivers the goods. Written by Canadian life coach Vanaja Ghose, Divorced to Dazzling gets to the heart of the emotional baggage taken along for the ride during divorce. Ghose speaks specifically to women to help them empower themselves after the life-changing process. Her blog goes deeply into some of divorce's trickier topics like self-esteem and addiction.

And finally, make sure to check out our ever-growing library of blogs and resources right here at Pasadena law blog. Not only can we help you find a family attorney in Pasadena but we discuss the latest divorce headlines as well as answering your questions about the process. Happy clicking!