What to Eat When You're Divorcing


During times of stress like divorce the first thing to fly out the window is our diet. We seek comfort in cheesy pizza, bottles of red wine and pints of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Couple that with trips to the drive-thru on our way to our family lawyer in Pasadena and you have a recipe for diet disaster. While junk food provides some distraction and is certainly easy to find, it could be the worse thing to do while going through a divorce.

Recently, nutrition experts have been buzzing about foods and vitamins that can actually help us during divorce and other stressful events. Foods rich in Vitamin B top the must-have list, as the super vitamin is nature's way of providing energy while naturally regulating blood sugar levels that can get out of whack during stress. Some foods rich in Vitamin B include broccoli, lentils and fresh citrus fruit. Vitamin C also lends a hand the natural way during divorce. Eating foods like tomatoes and melons that are packed with Vitamin C can help us reduce high blood pressure while providing immunity with antioxidants. Magnesium also helps cut down stress levels; found in whole grains and fresh seafood, Magnesium has been shown to aid insomnia as it naturally encourages muscle relaxation.

Things to avoid during divorce include foods high in cholesterol, high in caffeine and large amounts of alcohol. Instead, doctors recommend long, vigorous walks that can stimulate endorphin production. Walking and hiking are also great escapes from your divorce to-do list. Yoga is another miracle cure for stress. The thousands-of-years-old exercise specializes in deep breathing and clearing the mind of worry. Yet no healthy meal plan or fitness regime is effective if you're not getting enough sleep. Studies show that lack of proper sleep can actually increase stress and more serious ailments like anxiety and even heart attacks.

So grab a bottle of water instead of vodka and replace that burger with a big salad and a good night's rest. Your health and your divorce may depend on it.