Sandra Bullock and Jesse James Are Officially Divorced


Talk about blind-sided: The tabloids have been panting for weeks over the possibility of a reunion between Sandra Bullock and Jesse James. Gossip mavens wondered if she had forgiven him, or if the couple's newly-adopted son brought them back together. They wondered why they've been seen together recently. Well, wonder no more. According to Radar Online, Sandra Bullock pulled a fast one on the press and quietly signed divorced papers on Monday in Texas. The divorce papers, which were filed on April 23 in a Travis County court, were signed by both parties and ordered sealed, meaning the documents will not be released publicly.

Sandra certainly won't be needing divorce advice in Pasadena. She and her lawyers worked faster than the careening bus from Speed, the movie that launched her career, to get the divorce finalized. Bullock is said to be pursuing adoption of baby Louis as a single parent. Louis was adopted by the couple in January; the pair had started the adoption process nearly four years ago. Bullock told People magazine Louis' sock kept falling out of her purse on the evening of the Academy Awards but no one noticed. The actress told a very small number of family members and friends of the adoption, although most of her inner circle learned about Louis with the rest of the world in April. There is no word as to whether a custody arrangement will be reached with James or if he will be a part of Louis' life.

The finalization of the divorce brings to close one of the most shocking Hollywood scandals of recent years. News of James' infidelity spread like wildfire just weeks after Bullock had won the best actress award for the film Blind Side. Things went from bad to worse when James' mistresses like "Nazi stripper" Michelle Bombshell McGee came out of the woodwork with tales of affairs with James. Bullock, who has appeared at a couple of awards shows recently, has been largely in hiding since the story broke in March.