Tiger & Elin Close to $750m Settlement?


Ask any Pasadena divorce attorney and they'll tell you that $750 million is a whopper of a settlement. And that's exactly what several online media organizations are reporting Elin Woods will be walking away with from her soon-to-be ex-husband, golf superstar Tiger Woods. Sources close to the couple say the ink is almost dry on a divorce deal that would finally put an end to a marriage rocked by rumors of dozens of mistresses, sexual addiction, and domestic violence since last November.

The couple has been in negotiations for months; they allegedly hit a roadblock when a very aggressive divorce lawyer was representing Elin from California. Elin changed representation a few months ago and insiders say that the new legal team has sped along the divorce process. Both parties are said to be committed to ending the marriage as quickly as possible. Also, the general tone between Tiger and Elin has changed these days, reports Radar Online. The angry exchanges have been silenced and communication between the two is strictly limited to the needs of the children. Tiger and Elin are said to communicate primarily through staff members like nannies or personal assistants. The two were recently spotted at their daughter's birthday party and while witnesses describe the interaction as "barely civil," it is definitely an improvement.

The sad end for Tiger and Elin arrives nearly seven months after the car accident and domestic disturbance that opened a Pandora's box of marital discord and drama. Week after week a parade of porn stars, strippers and waitresses came forward, all saying that they had had affairs with Woods. This media circus forced Elin to return to her native Sweden with the children until things settled down. Elin reportedly forced Tiger to attend a sexual addiction rehabilitation facility and the couple was rumored to be heading for reconciliation. But peace talks for Elin and Tiger allegedly went out the window when Tiger returned to professional golf.