Kelsey Grammer Plans His Next Wedding… Even Though He’s Still Married


A glamorous location has been booked, invitations are being printed - everything is set for an amazing New York-style celebrity wedding. The only problem? The groom is still married to someone else. This is the exact situation television and Broadway star Kelsey Grammer has found himself embroiled in while planning his nuptials to his young fiancée, Kayte Walsh. As divorce attorneys in Pasadena and celebrity watchers know, Kelsey is still married to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer. And unless a miracle happens, it looks like Kelsey won't be getting his dream wedding anytime soon.

The New York Post reported this week that Grammer and Walsh have already booked the ballroom at New York's swank Plaza Hotel. A source tells the Post, "Despite the lavish surroundings, they want an intimate wedding with less than 150 guests." The reportedly $100,000 ceremony is set for February 25th and invitations are already being mailed out. Too bad Kelsey needs to deal with his not-even-close-to-being-finalized divorce to Camille before he walks down the aisle with Kayte. The actor recently made a legal request for an immediate divorce, but Camille's lawyers put the kibosh on it. Team Camille turned down the hurry-up divorce primarily because they claim she and her lawyers have not had enough time to thoroughly review Kelsey's multi-million-dollar settlement offer. Camille stated in court papers she wants a larger cut of the couple's $120 million estate.

Although Grammer was recently quoted as saying "I won't postpone my happiness," he might just have to. He and Camille are due to appear at a hearing later this week, giving the couple a chance to further negotiate the settlement package.