Family Law Commissioner Honored in Pasadena by Local Attorney's and Judges

On Thursday evening, January 20, 2011 the Pasadena Bar Association will host a party in honor of Commissioner Nori Anne Walla, who sat in Family Court at the Pasadena courthouse for numerous years.  Vice President Donald P. Schweitzer will present an award to Commissioner Walla in recognition of her dedicated and honorable service. Numerous Pasadena Family Law lawyers are expected to attend.  In addition, a number of local judicial officers from the Los Angeles Superior Court will take part of the ceremony.

Most Family Law professionals, including attorneys, judges, child custody evaluators, and forensic accountants would admit that the work can be difficult and stressful because of the fact that the work is focused on broken relationships.  Handling a divorce case as an attorney is no peace of cake, and one can only imagine how stressful it is to sit in Family Court, day after day, dealing with people's Family Law matters.  Going through a divorce or child custody proceeding can be the worst thing a person ever has to experience.  Imagine how tough it is for a Family Law judge or commissioner to witness the pain and have to make tough decision for so many people. 

Commissioner Walla was one who gave it her best and worked very hard to be fair and do the right thing for children.  She was also an advocate for giving people access to the courts.  For this reason, Commissioner Walla will be recognize for her service at our Pasadena Courthouse.  Commissioner Walla recently announced that she will be leaving Family Court and has been assigned to the Burbank courthouse where she is expected to preside over traffic court.  

Our new Family Law bench officer (who will replace Commissioner Walla) in Departement "K," of the Pasadena Courthouse, is Judge Diane Gould-Saltzman. Judge Gould-Salzman was recently appointed to the bench after working numerous years as a Certified Family Law Specialist in Los Angeles.