Divorce Tips for Stay at Home Moms


When women make the decision to stay at home with their children, most of them consider it a noble sacrifice. They seldom worry about the potential pitfalls of this sacrifice. But the sad truth of the matter is that being a stay at home mom leaves a woman vulnerable if her husband decides to file for a Pasadena divorce.

As a stay at home mom, you should receive child support and alimony as part of your divorce settlement. Your attorney can explain more about how much money you can expect to receive.

Mothers with custody of young children have a good shot at remaining in the marital home, but you will need to consider this decision carefully. The costs of home ownership can be quite high, even if you are receiving alimony and child support. It may make more financial sense to sell the home and use the money to purchase a more affordable residence.

There are various programs available to help displaced homemakers re-enter the workforce. In fact, California was the first state in the nation to specifically offer services to women who needed to re-enter the workforce after the loss of their husbands. Services for displaced homemakers can include grants for job training as well as general assistance in preparing a resume or finding suitable employment.

While the legal system does provide some assistance for stay at home moms in the middle of a divorce, don't be afraid to accept what help is offered to you from family and friends. It can be embarrassing to admit that you need assistance, but have faith that the people who care about you just want to see you get through this rough patch in your life. When you get back on your feet, you'll find a way to repay their generosity.

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