Fifty Shades of Divorce?


For California residents and Pasadena divorce lawyers alike, one of the most interesting divorce-related news stories in quite some time involves a British man who is being slapped with divorce papers by his banker wife because he wouldn't try to duplicate scenes from the phenomenally popular "mommy porn" novelFifty Shades of Gray. Apparently the couple had been having troubles in the bedroom for quite some time and the 41-year-old woman felt that her husband's refusal to participate in her efforts to spice things up was the last straw.

Women in the United States appreciate the Fifty Shades trilogy just as much as their British counterparts, but there have been no reports of E.L. James' work leading to divorces in the U.S. The reason for this is probably that the United States has a no-fault divorce law. You can file for divorce for whatever reason you choose, even if others find your reason to be a bit strange, but in a no-fault divorce, the reason is usually listed as "incompatibility" or "irreconcilable differences." The settlement is determined in the same way, regardless of who initiated the divorce or what each person did to contribute to the relationship problems.

Sexual problems are one of the more common reasons couples choose to get divorced, but those who prefer to keep their private affairs confidential will be pleased to learn that the intimate details can usually be kept out of the courtroom. The one exception to this rule is if you are seeking an annulment based on the grounds that your spouse can't have sex. According to California law, you are entitled to an annulment if your spouse is permanently impotent and did not tell you of the condition before your marriage.

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