How to Have a Good Divorce


Going through a Pasadena divorce is never easy, but it is possible to have a "good divorce" that ends up redefining instead of simply destroying your family's relationship.

One factor that experts agree is often crucial to having a good divorce is to utilize the services of a divorce mediator. A mediator is a specially-trained neutral third party who helps the divorcing couple come to a mutually agreeable settlement regrading alimony, child support, visitation, and the division of marital assets. Mediation is a less adversarial process than litigation, which reduces the overall conflict level in your relationship with your ex. This does not mean that you should not have a lawyer to help you with your divorce. Many divorce lawyers today are mediation-friendly, so you can still have an attorney involved in the process if you wish.

Another important strategy that can contribute to a good divorce when there are children in the picture, is using the bird's nest custody arrangement until the divorce is final. This type of arrangement involves keeping the children in the family home and having the parents move in and out according to a predetermined visitation schedule. It eases the number of transitions the children must go through, thus setting the stage for a more positive family dynamic in the years to come.

A serious commitment to co-parenting is the final hallmark of a good divorce. Co-parenting means helping to make sure your ex stays actively involved in the lives of the children. Successful co-parents work together to handle day-to-day issues and may even jointly plan events like birthday parties or holiday celebrations. They put aside their differences for the sake of the children, even after they've begun seeing someone new.

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