Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Not Kissing and Making Up


Family attorneys in Pasadena thought the divorce of Lakers superstar  Kobe Bryant and estranged wife Vanessa was pretty much a done deal. After years of rumors of affairs, it appeared that Vanessa finally had enough. But new photos surfaced of the couple sharing a Valentine's kiss near the Lakers locker room, leaving fans wondering if Kobe and Vanessa called off what many counted on being the year's nastiest divorce.

Celebrity gossip blogs were positively buzzing last week when photos and video of Kobe and Vanessa Bryant kissing after a Lakers game showed up online. The pair was set to embark on an expensive and brutal divorce, but perhaps they changed their mind?

Not so much. According to the Los Angeles Times, the Bryant divorce is alive and well. The couple has already divided their vast assets in court. Records from an Orange County court show that Vanessa is set to receive $18.8 million in property from her NBA ex. Kobe is said to be worth $150 million and since the couple did not sign a prenuptial agreement, Vanessa could potentially walk away from the relationship with $75 million.

In the meantime, experts say it isn't uncommon for couples to have a "financial divorce" while trying to repair a relationship.

"A married couple can decide to split their specific assets and continue their marriage," Chris Melcher, a family law attorney, told the Times.

A financial divorce can sometimes improve a relationship, he says.

"There is more of a balance of power in the relationship," Melcher said.

Yet other sources are reporting Vanessa Bryant is done with Kobe and currently shopping for property in New York City.

Vanessa Bryant filed for divorce in December, citing "irreconcilable differences." The couple was married on April 18, 2001; they have two daughters.