Are You Too Old to Get a Divorce?


Are you ever too old for a Pasadena divorce? At one point, it was common for couples to stay together for the sake of the children and realize that they were terribly unhappy once the kids had left home and their marital problems were still unresolved. Nobody deserves to be miserable for the rest of their life. You are never too old to be happy. However, the decision to divorce in your golden years must be considered carefully.

For most people, their spouse serves as their caregiver when their health starts to fail. If you are divorced and in poor health, you must take steps to make sure your needs are met. Do you have adult children who are willing to be your caregivers? Do you live in a community with resources available to help you maintain your independence? Do you have long term care insurance?

Financial considerations must be taken into account as well. Your retirement plan was likely dependent upon you remaining married. Maintaining two households is always more expensive than living together. Getting a job as a senior can be difficult if you have physical limitations or have been out of the workforce for awhile. Your adult children may be able to help you get back on your feet, but this is an issue you'll need to approach carefully if they are not aware of the full extent of your marital problems.

If you are a senior contemplating a divorce, it's important to choose a divorce attorney with experience in meeting the specific needs of a couple who is divorcing over 50. For example, it's common for older people to overvalue alimony and undervalue the ability to draw Social Security based on a higher earning spouse's work history. Older couples also tend to have larger investment assets that have more significant tax implications when they are divided. To make sure you're getting the best possible legal representation, plan on having an individual consultation with two or three different lawyers before deciding who will take your case.