Divorce Hotels May be Coming to the U.S.


Couples considering a divorce in Pasadena might have heard the recent buzz surrounding the idea of a divorce hotel. A divorce hotel is a concept from Dutch entrepreneur Jim Halfens that allows a couple to check into a hotel for a quick weekend divorce. Instead of spending months negotiating a settlement, the couple checks in on Friday and has divorce papers by Sunday. The cost, as you might expect, varies according to the couple's assets and whether or not there are minor children involved. Mediators, psychologists, attorneys and notaries are on hand to provide all of the necessary assistance.

Couples who participate in the divorce hotel aren't bitter about the end of their marriage. They've simply grown apart and realize they are no longer compatible. With a stay at a divorce hotel, they get an emotional sense of closure as well as the professional assistance they need to handle the formalities of the divorce. It's certainly not an arrangement that will work for everyone, but the success of Halfens' current hotels suggest that many couples do find it suitable for their needs.

Unfortunately, divorce hotels aren't available in the United States just yet. Halfens is working on bringing the concept to residents of the U.S., but the differences in our divorce laws make the process fairly complicated.

If you're attracted to the idea of a quick and easy divorce, the best thing to do is try to negotiate as many details as possible with your spouse before heading to a courtroom. Be open to reasonable compromises and accept that you're not going to get your way on everything. Make a list of the things that are most important to you in the settlement and focus on meeting these priorities. A divorce mediator can't give you a three-day divorce, but he or she can help make the negotiation process easier by providing an objective third-party perspective. Many divorce lawyers in Pasadena support the use of mediation and will be happy to prepare the necessary legal papers after you and your spouse come to a mutually agreeable settlement.