Allowable Child Support Add-Ons



If you have children with your spouse, your Pasadena divorce settlement will involve some sort of child support award. There are basic formulas that judges use as a guideline for determining what support is appropriate, but your divorce attorney may be able to request additional support if you have special circumstances that merit the need for extra funds.

If your children are young, child care costs might be a factor in determining your child support award. Judges recognize that the cost of child care varies substantially according to where you live and the needs of the family. For example, it is often more expensive to find suitable care for the early morning or evening hours or to find a caregiver equipped to handle a special needs child.

Health care is the most significant area in which parents may request a child support add-on. If your child has an ongoing medical issue that requires expensive medications or therapy, there may be a case for higher child support payments. You may also be able to ask that your spouse reimburse you for part of the extra insurance premiums you are paying for your child.

Special educational needs can be an allowable child support add-on if they are determined to be a necessary expense. Tutoring services for a child with a learning disability, for example, are more likely to be viewed as a necessary expense than enrichment classes for a child who is simply interested in learning a foreign language for his or her personal enjoyment.

Travel related visitation costs can be an allowable child support add-on expense, but you may be required to provide documentation of your costs in this area. Travel related costs can include mileage and airfare as well as things like restaurant meals or necessary hotel stays. It is a good idea to keep careful records of all of your expenses and provide them to your Pasadena divorce attorney if you are considering asking for extra child support because of this.