Can I Cancel My Divorce?


Filing for divorce in Pasadena is a big decision. Ideally, you will have carefully thought about the pros and cons of ending your marriage before taking steps to contact a lawyer and file for divorce. Sometimes, however, couples file for divorce after a major argument and later manage to patch up their differences.

If you reconcile with your spouse and no longer wish to go ahead with the divorce, you can request a dismissal form. You can get this form from the county clerk, however, it must be done before a judgment has been entered in the proceeding. If no response has been filed in your case, the petitioner (the person who initiated the divorce proceeding) can sign and file the dismissal form. If a response has been filed, however, both spouses will need to sign the dismissal form in order to stop the divorce proceedings.

If you're not certain you want to file for divorce but wish to have some time apart from your spouse in order to work out your marital issues, filing for a legal separation might be an option to consider. A legal separation agreement addresses the division of assets and debts, as well as child custody and any applicable spousal support. The couple still remains legally married under this type of arrangement.

Occasionally, you will hear stories of couples who have divorced and then later remarried after working out their differences. If you wish to remarry your ex after the divorce is finalized, it is legally no different than marrying someone else. The fact that you were married to each other once before is irrelevant as far as the law is concerned, although most therapists would urge that you be very cautious before embarking upon this type of arrangement. If you had issues that were serious enough to warrant a divorce once before, you need to be certain you've worked through your problems before remarrying again. Otherwise, you'll simply end up with a bill from your Pasadena divorce attorney that is much higher than necessary.