Debunking Alimony Myths


For couples planning to file for a Pasadena divorce, alimony is one of the most often misunderstood issues.

First, realize that alimony has nothing to do with gender. Traditionally, women received alimony awards in a divorce. However, that is only because they were the ones most likely to be taking time out of the labor force to care for young children. Today, however, it is perfectly possible for a man to receive alimony if his ex-wife has a high earning occupation.

Child support is often confused with alimony by many people seeking a divorce. You do not need to have children with your spouse in order to receive alimony payments. Child support payments are for the care of the children, while alimony is for spousal support. It is possible to receive both child support and alimony, depending on your circumstances.

Another common misconception about alimony is that it can be awarded retroactively. Alimony has to be awarded at the time of your divorce settlement. You can't file for a Pasadena divorce and then request alimony a year or two after your divorce is finalized. For this reason, you must consider your ability to support yourself very carefully before accepting any sort of divorce settlement.

Finally, remember that dating may affect your ability to receive alimony. In many cases, a relationship that involves cohabitation will reduce or eliminate your alimony payments. This is because you are living with someone who can assist you with your monthly bills and thus will have less of a need for support from your ex.

Alimony awards are much less common than they used to be due to the high number of marriages that involve dual income households with each person being capable of supporting themselves independently. If you anticipate a need for alimony in your Pasadena divorce, it is crucial that you select an attorney with experience in this area of divorce law.