How to Hire a Great Divorce Lawyer


If you're in need of a Pasadena divorce lawyer and have never hired an attorney before, you might be wondering how to find the right legal representation.

First, never make your decision based on price alone. Don't hire the cheapest lawyer because you're worried about the cost of your case, or assume that the highest priced lawyer is the best person to handle your divorce. Price should be something to consider only after you're confident a lawyer can represent you well.

Second, while education and past experience are important, personal characteristics matter greatly as well. A great divorce attorney should be:

  • Proactive - Successful attorneys don't wait for the other guy to make a move. They have a strategy for handling the case and will initiate actions instead of waiting for the opposing counsel to make his demands.
  • Assertive - Successful attorneys are assertive, but not arrogant. They stand up for a client's needs without resorting to bullying.
  • Approachable - A great attorney does not make you feel "stupid" if you have questions about your case. He takes the time to listen to your concerns and provide the information you need while helping you stay focused on the desired outcome.
  • Willing to negotiate - Negotiation doesn't mean giving in, and a great attorney realizes this fact. An attorney who is willing to negotiate and make compromises when appropriate can help you get a fair settlement without the time and cost of a court battle.

Recommendations from friends and family or online reviews can help you get a feel for a lawyer's personality, but you should always meet with an attorney in person before agreeing to have him or her handle your legal representation. This is the only way to know your lawyer is going to be a "good fit" for your case.

How Can We Help?

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