The Pasadena Bar Association will host the 2012 Business Development Conference.


The Pasadena Bar Association will host its 2nd Annual Business Development Conference, giving law related businesses an opportunity to showcase their products and services.

The conference will be held from 12 to 2pm on Thursday November 15, 2012 at Noor in Pasadena, where thirty-four businesses related to the practice of law have been invited to showcase their products and services.

This conference will give legal professionals an opportunity to meet vendors and find out how they can enhance their law practice as well as promote relationships between the legal community and law related businesses.

With regard to the upcoming event, President-Elect of the Pasadena Bar Association, Donald P. Schweitzer said, "This year's event should be even better than last year's conference. We have invited a wide variety of businesses to the conference and there should be a product, service, or new idea for everyone who attends. I hope this conference inspires our attendees to make their law practices better and their practice of law much more rewarding."

The conference is free for all Pasadena Bar Association members and the Association expects a significant number in attendance, likely to surpass last year's attendance. Last year's Business Development Conference had more than 150 people in attendance.

he planners of this year's conference have added more attractions to make it entertaining for all who attend. At the end of the conference, a special drawing will be held and the winner of that drawing will receive a free iPad.

Reservations are required.

To RSVP, contact before November 12, 2012.