Parental Alienation and Divorce - Part 2Parental Alienation and Divorce - Part 2


In our last post, we learned about the three types of parental alienators that sometimes appear after a contested divorce in Pasadena. Today we'll discuss some of the options for dealing with this type of behavior

Of all of the types of parental alienators, the family court system is best equipped to deal with an active alienator who feels some remorse for his or her actions. If there is evidence that a parent is trying to sabotage the child's relationship with his or her other parent, the court can order therapy and appoint a Guardian Ad Litem to ensure compliance with the resulting Shared Parenting Plan. Therapy can be beneficial for the alienator because it helps him or her to find a rational outlet for anger resulting from the divorce. For the child, the main benefit of therapy is that it enables him or her to rebuild the damaged relationship with the targeted parent in a safe and supportive environment.

Unfortunately, obsessed alienators tend to be disrespectful of the authority of the court. However, if you are the victim of an obsessed alienator, you should not stop advocating for your child during this time. The following are some steps you can take:

  • Ask the court to support your parenting time and continue to pick up your child for all scheduled visitation appointments. Keep a log of your parenting activities to show the court if necessary.
  • If you become involved with a new romantic partner, be on the lookout for an escalation in alienating behavior and report any changes to your attorney.
  • Resist the urge to engage in alienating behavior of your own, as this will only add tension to the situation.
  • Sometimes the court will change the custody order to allow the targeted parent more time with the child if the alienating parent is not willing to change his or her behavior. If you are open to this option, discuss this strategy with your attorney.

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