The Schweitzer Law Partners, APC, is taking on Dialogues on Freedom!


Associate attorneys, Heidi Bitterman and Casey Marticorena will be participating in the Dialogues on Freedom program.

Dialogues on Freedom is a Los Angeles County Bar Association program in partnership with the Los Angeles Superior Court and the Los Angeles Unified School District. The program was founded by United States Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy as a response to the September 11 terrorist attacks.

The Dialogues on Freedom program facilitates dialogues in local high schools, focused on the liberties and values our country is attempting to defend and preserve. The dialogues are facilitated by lawyers and judges in high school classes around Los Angeles County. The program explores American civil values and traditions and encourages students to consider the broad concepts of freedom, law and justice by examining situations they might face at home and in school. Through this program, students are provided with an opportunity to meet and interact, many for the first time, with judges and lawyers. They are also exposed to the possibility of pursuing a career in law.

Donald Schweitzer, managing partner at The Schweitzer Law Partners, APC, had this to say, "Casey and Heidi's commitment to the Dialogues on Freedom project is just one example of the work they have done within this past year towards helping our community's youth. The practice of law comes with a full calendar. You barely have enough time to spend alone with your own thoughts, and yet these two outstanding attorneys have demonstrated their willingness to make a sacrifice to help others."